Real Estate Companies in Amsterdam, NL

Real Estate Companies in Amsterdam

Real Estate Companies in Amsterdam, Here’s a list of some well-regarded Amsterdam-based real estate companies, categorized by their area of expertise to help you find the right fit for your needs:

Real Estate Companies in Amsterdam

  • General Market

1. De Graaf & Groot

De Graaf & Groot is a reputable real estate firm in the Netherlands that is well-known for concentrating on the upper end of the market. They were established in 1903 and have since become well-known throughout the country for their expertise and personalized service. Expansive villas in suburban areas, historic estates scattered around the Netherlands, and opulent apartments in the center of Amsterdam are just a few of the prestigious properties in their portfolio.

Graaf & Groot offers a variety of real estate services in addition to selling luxury houses. This includes property management, valuation, and investment consultancy. Their staff consists of seasoned agents who place a high value on client satisfaction and have a deep grasp of the local market. Whether you’re a buyer looking for an exquisite beachfront home or a seller looking to maximize the value of your historic estate, De Graaf & Groot uses its network and expertise to assist you in navigating the Dutch real estate market.

2. Von Poll Real Estate

Von Poll Real Estate is a well-known participant in the European luxury real estate market, having offices in Germany, Austria, and Spain. Since its establishment in 1988, they have grown into a well-known network with over 400 offices, placing them among the top ten European real estate companies. Their focus is on premium residential properties, and they cater to individuals who are searching for great homes in desired places.

Von Poll Real Estate is quite proud of its deep knowledge of affluent communities. Local experts that are familiar with the nuances of specific city centers and communities serve as their spokespeople. This allows them to provide their clients with a carefully curated selection of properties that suit their tastes, whether it’s a gorgeous property in the Tuscan hills, a modern penthouse with a view of the busy city skyline, or a waterfront estate on the Spanish coast. Due to its commitment to providing personalized service to a discerning customer, Von Poll Real Estate has made a name for itself in the exclusive world of European luxury real estate.

3. 27 House Real Estate

27 House Real Estate in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is dedicated to helping international buyers and sellers navigate the real estate industry. It was founded with a specific focus on this unique demographic and is aware of the challenges and needs that expatriates confront. Their team speaks many languages, including Dutch and English (the US and the UK), so they can guarantee easy communication and a smooth real estate experience for foreigners.

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Listing and selling houses is not the only thing that it does. They provide a whole range of services designed specifically for foreigners. This involves helping with every step of the purchasing or leasing process, from looking for and negotiating a property to understanding legal and cultural nuances. Their proficiency and dedication to serving expat clients have been highlighted by their appearances on well-known international real estate TV shows.

4. Consorto

Consorto Real Estate might be a specialty real estate company serving a particular market. Boutique agencies, as opposed to bigger, national organizations, frequently concentrate on a certain market niche or geographic area.
Here are some possibilities:

High-Net-Worth Individuals:  Consorto may be an expert in luxury real estate, dealing with discriminating purchasers and sellers looking for upscale residences, waterfront homes, or unique investment opportunities.

Specific Property Type:  They might concentrate on a specific kind of property, such as equestrian estates, historic structures, or off-market listings that call for a more individualized approach.

Property Management

Property management companies in Amsterdam take care of various tasks associated with your rental property, allowing you to be a hands-off investor or absentee landlord. Their services can include:

Tenant Management:

Finding suitable tenants through advertising and screening processes. Handling lease agreements and tenant communication. Collecting rent and dealing with late payments.

Property Maintenance:

Coordinating repairs and maintenance requests. Arranging regular inspections to ensure the property’s condition.

Financial Management:

Paying bills associated with the property (utilities, taxes). Sending you regular financial statements on income and expenses. Handling deposits and security returns.

Legal and Administrative:

Dealing with legal issues related to the tenancy agreement. Complying with relevant Amsterdam and Dutch housing regulations.

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